About Geofluid Netherlands

Our mission is to support the evolving geothermal market, such that it becomes a solid and sustainable energy source. Based on our experience in the geothermal market, we will support our clients by giving advice, monitoring and maintenance.


What services does Geofluid deliver?

Geofluid advises the client on geothermal installations, provides monitoring solutions, and executes the maintenance on the sub soil/above ground installation. We deliver the following services:


  • Advice on well design, based on our maintenance systematics.
  • Design and delivery of an inhibitor installation
  • Perform a RI&E to lower the operational costs.



  • Setting up a monitoring program to asses well integrity
  • Performing well integrity measurements
  • Monitoring to adapt maintenance program.



  • Supervision of work over jobs and reporting to SODM
  • Advice on preventive maintenance
  • Setup and delivery of antiscaling/corrosion protocols
  • Maintenance and repair jobs


Why monitoring and maintenance?

  • Law (Mijnbouwwet) requires an operational work plan related to geothermal installations
  • Maintenance prevents risks and reduces operational costs
  • Prevents damage by scaling and corrosion
  • Lowering of lifetime of geothermal installation

Waarom onderhoud en monitoring?

  • De Mijnbouwwet vraagt een operationeel werkplan aangaande geothermische installaties
  • Tijdig onderhoud zorgt voor het voorkomen van calamiteiten
  • Voorkoming van schade en teruggang in prestaties door scaling en corrosie
  • Verlenging van de levensduur van de geothermische installaties